Redspeed MINI KID

For children and teenagers
Ideal for starting young

The new MINI KID is the scaled-down version of higher-class karts, designed to best fit the needs and sizes of children aged 7 to 9.

This kart is a highly performing vehicle that offers high-speed capabilities while ensuring extreme rider safety. The MINI KID features a 900 mm wheelbase chassis with an adjustable pedal system to accommodate the heights of young drivers. It also includes a sliding seat, allowing for adjustments to the driving position based on different statures. Both of these features enable the kart to adapt to the child as they grow, providing a comfortable driving experience.

The kart, constructed with 28 mm diameter tubing, is further enhanced by several important details, such as a hydraulic brake system specifically designed for this vehicle, and a steel daisy disc brake. Additionally, the MINI KID is equipped with AXPQ aluminum wheels, a 30 mm perforated axle, and a specific-sized Alcantara steering wheel.

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